Who we are

SME Kenya is Kenya’s First Digital marketing and Lead generation market ┬áplace for Small and medium enterprises. We empower SMEs in combining the very latest digital channels, tools & practices in a way that significantly improves their ability to attract & close business.

We realize that sales may be a big nightmare especially for brilliant innovators like you whose expertise is in innovation and possibly not in sales.

At SME Kenya we let you continue bringing great products into the market while we sell them for you. Outsourcing is using an external company to sell and market your products or services, either as an extension of your own sales team or as your sole sales and marketing function.

This helps you avoid the following Pain points.

  • ┬áMedical cost for sales team.
  • Insurance for sales team.
  • Performance management.
  • Background checks on employees.
  • Administration salaries i.e Team managers, Sales Managers e.t.c
  • Disciplinary Issues.
  • Training.

> Why not consider outsourcing to us an allow us to take over this Pain Points.

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